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Life’s Easy with an Esky!

Your ice box, cooler, or esky is there for a purpose. It has been designed and manufactured to allow you complete freedom to take drinks and food pretty much anywhere with it remaining cold and fresh. However, there are few tips that you should follow to make sot of your refrigerated drink or food.

The first tip is to purchase the best model of esky for your needs. If there are only two or three people on your camping trips, days at beach or picnics, then small or medium eskys would be best for you. However, if you often cater to four or more, then larger eskys is definitely the way to go. By getting a esky that’s too big for your needs means that you’ll have to cool a larger area and empty space in the esky is not helping.

Once you have a perfect esky, you should learn way to prepare it. You should never pop the drink and food into your unprepared esky. It needs to be cooled properly before you pack your food, or drinks. You can do that easily by placing a mix of cold water or crushed ice. This mix should be placed few hours before you leave for your trip, or begin using it.

Today eskys are manufactured using special materials and can maintain low temperatures inside for a long time. So once your preparation is over, you can remove the mixture of ice and cold water, and wipe the interiors and pack off your unit.

If you want to use ice, then use crushed ice as it gives best results. Party ice won’t give best cooling as it is mostly hollow and won’t last long. Instead, you should pack food and drinks in a sensible way. You should keep food in containers and pack your items tightly.

Portable eskys you are considering should have tight and snug fitting lid. This means that what you cool inside stays will stay that way for a much longer duration. Moreover, when you are using your box, don’t leave its lid open for long, and treat it with respect. Also, eskys should be stored away from direct sunlight in a cool place.

We test eskys from various manufacturers and give you information on what we think is cool or not cool……………………. Best of all, you get all the information you need, in one place!

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